Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Living With The Opposite sex

Girls and boys are made to live with each other although this statement might be considered as dubious. Authors have already studied this assertation like John Gray in "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus".

I will keep it short this week by saying, that Men and Women if they decide to live together should better know what they want from each other.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Big Money

Is money necessary to achieve self-fulfilment in life? The quest of money has become relevant since the first time a coin was minted, although people have strived to be happy using other ways.  People, while they are setting money aside every day, are missing out on the point of life. Money is meant to be spent.

At this point a single question remains open: What to do with the cash we earn? The average Canadian earns about 40 000$ per year, this amount of money is mostly dedicated to food. What if suddenly this sum was multiplicated by 250? What if after winning the lotto this average person would possess 10 million dollar? What if I am the lucky one?

As far as I am concerned, my first action would throw a huge party to celebrate the event. After this, I would reluctantly have an all bunch of new relatives ringing at my door? Dealing with this situation would be at least tricky. Let us imagine that I go through all this trouble safe and sound. I have still millions to spend. 

Nowadays, we are surrounded by environementalists and alter-mondialists that claim that the only problem to start their miraculous revolutions for the world is money. I don't think I would give them a penny. No, my money would be invested in human rights NGO's such as Amnesty or Oxfam. Beside this I  be very proud to introduce a new style of pubs: bibli-bars. The following concept is the mixture of libraries and pubs. Clients would be able to enjoy their favorite books while tasting a delicious Belgian beer. Soon enough those pubs would spread all over the planet and become considered as regular.

What do a body wants more then to share a friendship around a good book and a good beer in a warm place. As you might have understood, my money would be used to bolster relationships between people.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One Education System

Education has existed for thousands of years, fathers have always wanted to pass on their knowledge to their child. Philosophers living in the Antic Greek had different opinions about knowledge, some were thinking that their duty was to educate their fellow citizens. Others were convinced that good ideas in the wrong hands might have terrible consequences. However, most of them supported that knowledge had to have a price.

This idea hasn't toned down as the years passed away, wisdom is still difficult to purchase if I may say so. Knowledge has been developping with humanity, this long process has been helped by a major invention, the writing. Try it in your class or in any group, when you pass a verbal sentence to each other, chances are that the sense changes completely. That is the reason why the writing has been so important to us. There has been examples in history that people reading books missed out the point of what was meant. Common sense and critisism are of main importance while reading information.

As far as I know, when a personnal opinion is reported it can't be considered as truth. That is why if I had to re-invent what school might be, I would give give critic-courses. Those courses would be destined to warn the students about the world in which they are living. Beside this, I would bolster the acces to knowledge to everyone, beginning with reading and writing. 870 000 people are illiterate in 2008 (13% of the world's population), that is unacceptable. Fighting illiteration is one of the main challenge of the future.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Which situations need courage to be taken care of?

Courage is the abilty to deal with situations that frighten the others. So courage would discribe the talent to sustain fear better than the others. An other signification is also the skill to be able to trust your convictions and to behave in their way. Courage might be a question of self-confidence then.
According to me, courage is present in everyone but only a few make the effort to pluck up this courage and too often choose the easiest way to handle a situation. Situations that needs strenghtness (phisically or mentally) occur every day, when you need to study for a difficult exam or even when you have to wake up to go to school. However this is not courage, what we are speaking about is linked with serious situations and sometimes extreme danger. 
When I am thinking about courage, the first example that comes up to me is people who are fighting their illness. When people face a despondent diagnosis people have generally two options: or to be resilient and fight back or to fall into a deep depression. It takes courage to keep your mood up even if you know that your state of mind is essential in your treatment. 
As far as I am concerned, I don't know if I would have the guts to face such kind of situations but  sometimes it is a person's duty to have some. If you are witness of an attempt to harsh a people's health it is your duty to react as prompt and hard as you can.
Finally I had like to give an exhaustive list of people that have shown courage in acting for their convictions: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Benazir Bhutto but also artists like Johnny Clegg and many others. Those are the one why the word courage exists. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What are the behaviours that infuriates me.

There are some behaviours that make me angry , but in a regular way. Others turn me in an aggressive comportment , racism is one of those and this is the one I'm going to speak about.
I'm only 18 and I know that the situations I have encounter are not the worse that you could imagine but they are still interesting. Interesting in the sense that they allow us to think about how others are sometimes thinking. Although I entirely respect that people have different opinions, I reckon that those points of vue shouldn't put others' integrity in danger.
According to me racism is not as present than it has already been in history, if there is any kind of reason to this I would point the awakening that occured after WW2. People realised where racism could lead. Nowadays, 60 years after those dark events, the question remains without answer: Did we manage to learn from our mistakes?
A behaviour is not a way of thinking but a way of acting, that means that racism is noticed only when people show that they are racist in their mind. What I try to explain is that everyone has some racism deeply in his mind, the point is: What degree of this state of mind are you following when you act?
Racism has been existing for ages there is no doubt about this but we are now living in a multicultural society. I have been to Africa three times and I met wonderful people there. I admit that it is maybe the reason why my judgement isn't completely objective but when I see coloured people that aren't able to find because racists do not want to hire them or when people don't sit beside a black guy because of his colour I am revolted.
Is racism a question condition, education or even heredity? Are people racist because it gives them a group to be linked to? Is racism a human caracteristic? I don't know but I would like to understand.